Project plan and progress

Phase I

Task Schedule / Milestone Progress
Establish Technical Advisory Group (TAG) June 2014 Green checkmark
Develop market profile

  • Review of existing market data and studies for project area
November 2014 Green checkmark
Develop and implement survey tools

  • Develop and pilot survey tools, prepare drafts for TAG and other stakeholders
  • Develop strategies for survey implementation and data collection
  • Finalize survey tools
  • Implement surveys throughout project area and train volunteer who implement surveys
  • Train neighborhood organizations for annual data collection
November 2014 Green checkmark
Update 2008 Upper Market Community Plan

  • Review Upper Market Community Plan, evaluate the five (5) priority public realm improvements identified in the Plan, identify recommendations that have yet to be implemented, noting challenges and identifying strategies for full implementation, follow up with identified responsible parties, and provide further recommendations for the execution of steps that remain unimplemented
December 2014  Green checkmark

Phase II

Task Deliverables Progress
Survey completion and analysis

  • Complete analysis and compile survey work from Phase I in a way that is easily accessible to general public
February 2015  Green checkmark
Further develop market profile
Prepare retail inventory of Project Area’s retail space, including metrics of:

  • Total retail space / total vacant retail space
  • Average retail size / average length of time vacant
  • Rents/SF (min, max, avg) / rents/SF in comparable retail corridors
  • Vacant space ownership data

Interviews with:

  • Commercial brokers
  • Owners of vacated businesses
  • Property owners
February 2015March 2015 Green checkmark
Develop final retail strategy

  • Develop Retail Strategy for the Project Area that can be legislated, assigned to responsible parties, or adopted by SF Planning Department, while also presenting a qualitative narrative that is easily understood by general public. Will include detailed and comprehensive analysis of retail inventory and vacancy in the project area, as well incorporating survey findings.
June 2015 Green checkmark