Castro retailers and restauranteurs — please take the business survey

Are you a retailer or a restauranteur in the Castro / Upper Market? We’d love 10 minutes of your time.

SurveyWe recently published a Business Survey that will help us understand business aspects, needs and challenges of retailers in the district. The results will be tremendously instrumental in developing the Castro & Upper Market Retail Strategy and will be helpful for businesses in making improvements.

Please take the Business Survey today.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why retailers and restaurants should participate in the Business Survey.

1) Are you paying fair rent? Know the leasing market better, and learn from your neighbors.
2) Do you share the same issues as your peers? Learn from your fellow businesses.
3) Are your revenue changes typical of the area? Hear what stores are doing best.
4) Do you have a firm grasp of your market? Learn who’s coming to the neighborhood so you can better tailor your marketing.
5) Do you have ideas for what would make the neighborhood thrive even more? We want to know!

Please take about 10 minutes and join us in making the Business Survey a success.

P.S. This Business Survey is separate from the Customer Survey that we launched a few weeks ago, and which has been a tremendous success! With the help of 30+ volunteers, we have over 650 responses.

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  1. Reply Dave Mohr

    I’m not a business owner, but have lived in the Castro for most of my adult life (30+ years).
    Here is what I don’t understand (maybe it’s because I’ve worked in retail for 40+ years):
    When city planners try to plan what they WANT people to want, rather than what people REALLY want, they aren’t helping anyone at all. To me, it’s crazy to talk about whether or not to have the Patio Cafe open again after all these years (anyone knows the right answer is “yes”), or whether a spin class might work in the Castro – worried it may not appeal to tourists?? (anyone knows the right answer is “yes”), and as to concerns that the Castro has too many cafe’s – well, if that’s where people want to hang out instead of -or in addition to- hanging out in bars – obviously that’s a successful model right now. The coffee shops are brimming with people. Look at the number of storefronts in the Castro which remain empty because nobody can make a profit selling cute little ‘gay clothing or souvenirs’. If they could, we would have lots of shops selling souvenirs and other “gay things”. BOTTOM LINE FOR RETAIL SUCCESS: GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT AND THEY WILL COME. We don’t need the city supervisors to “protect us”. All they’re doing is obstructing local American business -which happens to be in the Castro, my favorite neighborhood. Thanks for listening

    • Reply Danny Yadegar

      Hi Dave. Really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Please excuse my late reply!
      I agree with what you are saying. It’s important to understand the desires/needs of the neighborhood in order to plan around them. Our efforts are based around a survey, where we asked people what kind of businesses they want to see come to the neighborhood and what they see as the main issues in the district. Of course there are nuanced challenges to why certain properties remain vacant, and why certain retailers are hard to accommodate in the neighborhood. Trader Joe’s for one is extremely popular amongst neighbors, but it’s hard to find a space that works!
      Another main focus of our project is understanding the composition of retail in the Castro/Upper Market area, to try and solicit complementary uses. This part becomes trickier because, as you mentioned, people have different opinions on whether or not we have enough cafes, bars, etc. We will focus on efforts on the business types that it seems people agree on, such as more healthy and gourmet restaurants. Destination restaurants have the added benefit of bringing customers to the neighborhood from further afield.
      40+ years in retail is certainly more than me though, so should you wish to discuss more in a one on one setting, my info below. Would be happy to set some time aside.

      Project Coordinator
      Castro/Upper Market Retail Strategy

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