The Castro Biscuit: A plan for Castro neighborhood retail coming

Our friends at the Castro Biscuit posted an announcement about the Castro & Upper Market Retail Strategy initiative. In the article, blogger Roy McKenzie also cites the OEWD’s neighborhood profile writes:

The OEWD’s neighborhood profile included a graph (below) of business surplus and leakage by industry in the Castro and Upper Market area that was especially telling of the areas current retail climate. The graph shows that the area is lacking retail representation of over 20 industries relative to local demand. The Castro is, however, rife with drinking places, used merchandise stores, restaurants, and personal care retail.

Though some of the “leakage” includes, perhaps, undesirable retail such as tire shops and auto dealers, there is a significant lack of choice or existence of general merchandise stores and outdoor supply stores in the ‘hood.

Read the full article at the Castro Biscuit.

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